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Throughout the UK thousands of tons of printer and fax machines and their consumables are put into landfill sites each year. MPM Technologies is committed to ensuring it plays its part in reducing this wastage.

In 2001 the European Union released its directive concerning Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEE Directive), which affects all businesses and the manner in which they can dispose of electrical waste. MPM can offer advice and also disposal options for printers and faxes. Please contact our technical support team for further information.

Last year 8.5 million toner cartridges were used in the UK . They would cover the old Wembley pitch 14 times and oil remaining in the cartridges would fill 400 road tankers. Using our compatible cartridges reduces this by up to 90%.

MPM can offer disposal options for toner and ink cartridge collection. Please contact our customer service team for further information.